Happy Spring Frost Families!

It’s hard to believe we only have two more months to go! This has been a wild and crazy year and Frost students and families have shown amazing resilience. This year has been challenging for our families, students, teachers, and staff. What better time to recognize members of our community who have given their time, energy, and creativity to helping students succeed! On May 20th, the PTSA will hold a virtual meeting to honor volunteers, teachers, staff, and scholarship recipients. We’d love to hear from you! Nomination forms and scholarship applications will linked below. All submissions are due:

 May 14th, 2021.

Every year the PTSA honors a community member who has gone above and beyond for our community. A Golden Acorn Award is presented to a volunteer(s) in recognition of his/her dedication and service to children and youth. This award is given to a volunteer who meets the mission of PTSA: promoting the health, welfare, safety, and education of all children and youth in the home, school, community, and place of worship. A contribution to the Washington State PTA scholarship fund used to provide scholarships to freshman students entering post-secondary education will be made on behalf of the recipient(s). You are also welcome to email Corrie Zemann at frostptsa(at)gmail.com with the name of your nominee and why you think they should receive the Golden Acorn award.

The PTSA would also like to celebrate our teachers and instructional assistants! We would like to honor a teacher or staff member who had shown dedication and service to our students at Frost. Nomination forms will be sent shortly or you are welcome to email Kristianne Zak ka_zee73(at)yahoo.com with the name of the teacher or staff member and why you think they should be honored. We’d love to hear what an amazing job our teachers and staff are doing here at school or in the community!

Did your senior attend Frost at any time? Frost PTSA would like to award one 2021 graduate a $500.00 scholarship to be used toward their higher education. There is no GPA requirement, only attendance at Frost. Applications can be submitted to Doug Anderson at frostptsa(at)gmail.com.

We can’t wait to celebrate our community!

Kristianne Zak

Frost PTSA President 2020-2021


2020-21 Golden Acorn

Frost PTSA Alumni Scholarship  Application_2021

Outstanding Educator Form


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