Yearbook Cover Art Contest!

✏️ Frost will be having a yearbook cover art contest! Frost teachers and staff will pick the winner! All entries will be in our yearbook in some capacity. Here are the details:

*Have students design the cover by using 8.5×11 computer paper.

*Use portrait style (vertical) on 8.5” x 11” paper.

*Use bold and bright colors!

*Markers, crayons, and paint work best.

*All words must be ¼ inch away from the border/edge.

*Only one submission per student. Please write your name/grade/teacher on the back.

*Turn in your best work!

Make sure “Robert Frost Elementary School 2023-2024” is somewhere on the page.

All work is due by Monday, November 27 by end of day. No late entries will be accepted.

Write YOUR NAME and TEACHER’S NAME IN PENCIL on the back of your entry.


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